Hunting Hatchet 500 g, 330 mm

  • handforged
  • 500 g heat-treated tool steel head
  • 330 mm oiled Hickory wood
  • 3 securing wedges
  • High-quality real leather blade-guard
  • for universal purposes in forestry & gardening
  • made in Germany
incl. 19% VAT
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BISON 1879 // Hunting Hatchet 500 g, 330 mm


with traditional craftsmanship

for long durability

the most resilient handles


Light and very useable hatchet that will fit into any backpack. A favorite to bring on hiking and/or hunting trips. Very good for regular purposes in the forest and garden.
This hatchet is characterized by the pronounced lower section of the blade.


Hand forged axe-head
made from industrial A-grade tool steel; hardened to 51-56 HRC for more longevity of the blade

Precise cutting edge with extra sharp grind
for all cutting axes and with medium sharp grinds for splitting axes – for the best possible

Solid and resilient handle crafted from America Hickory wood
excellent vibration absortion, great ergonomics and treated with natural varnish

3 securing wedges
ensure a tight and solid fit of the head on the handle, hence for a safer work experience

High-quality blade-guard
made from real leather with the original trademark BISON logo stamped into it

only with the BISON-pendant made from stainless-steel


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