Splitting tools/Profiline sledge axe 3000 g, 850 mm

  • Premium quality for longer lifetime and durability
  • Carefully forged 3000 g head with precision blade and wide striking surface
  • Original 850 mm hickory handle with chrome-plated protective handle sleeve
  • Tried-and-tested 3-part safety wedge
  • High-quality blade-edge protection
  • Made in Germany
€ 50,43 incl. 19% VAT

€ 50,43

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BISON Profiline sledge axe with steel protective handle sleeve—for the toughest demands in quality, durability and functionality

Drop-forged and heat-treated special tool steel with a polished head and blade. Hickory handle for the highest strain and ergonomics. The protective handle sleeve also protects the handle from missed hits and against wear—therefore ensuring a longer lifetime and durability of the tools even when used for tough professional applications. Pistol-grip with tried-and-tested safety wedging. High-quality blade-edge protection.

Wide shape for optimum splitting effect. Precision performance thanks to milled surfaces. For splitting and cracking heavy-duty wood pieces and logs, and driving wedges in.

Bison Profiline—premium work tools of the best Grade A-quality steel. These products are characterized by optimum cutting quality and high performance when splitting. The original hickory handle with a robust steel protective sleeve is particularly durable and vibration-reducing.


Weight 4.70 kg
Dimensions 90 x 25 x 10 cm